The Class of 1984

In a separate effort, the class of 1984 has put together their own, dedicated letter. You can download it here.

To the United States Congress:

We, of the Holton Arms Class of 1984, are writing on behalf of our friend and classmate, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to attest to her honesty, integrity, and intelligence; and to contend that her decision to provide information pertaining to a sexual assault is not a partisan act. It is an act of civic duty and the experience she described in her letter needs to be seriously considered. We represent all political parties and we support Christine bringing this matter forward.

Christine has had to weigh the personal cost of sharing her experience against her own conscience. We recognize that this has been an extraordinarily difficult decision and admire her courage for being willing to speak her truth when it would have been easier to stay silent.

As sexual assault violates a woman’s most fundamental rights, it must be considered a failure of character at any age—regardless of the subsequent accomplishments and power attained by the offender. It should not be dismissed as youthful bad judgment, however aberrant it may be.

In light of Christine’s experience, we hold our elected officials responsible for conducting a more thorough and comprehensive review of this Supreme Court nominee. Having taken this courageous step, Christine deserves your due consideration on this serious matter.

We stand with our friend Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and admire her honesty and resolve on behalf of our nation.


Allyson Abrams Bergman
Robin Bostrom
Ana Coyne
Amy Englehardt
Andrea K. Evers
Holly Huelsman Fuller
Sandra Engle Gichner
Daphne Holt
Jenny Yerrick Martin
Francine Laden
Kim Litle
Monica McLean

Samantha Semerad Guerry
Estela M. Radan
Martha Mispireta
Shannon Lisa Shapiro
Laura Simms Smith
Kendra South
Dana Stewart
Julia Kogan Tanner
M. Sydney Trattner
Virginia White
Stacey Kavounis Wilson